Waste Pallet Procedure

Please know that by using our service you are:

  • Saving your company valuable dollars compared to big bins and landfilling (often up to 75%)
  • Reducing your carbon footprint by not sending waste pallets to landfill.

Every tonne of pallets recycled by us means 670 kg of carbon dioxide emission reduction, regardless of whether the pallets are recycled for reuse or otherwise shredded for mulch.

To make this as simple as possible we ask that a few things are in place before we come out to collect your waste pallets:

  1. Pallets/Crates have to be free of contaminants ie. Cardboard, Plastic, Heavy Steel Bolts and Strapping, Foam, MDF or Fungus (we will either not load pallets with any of these or otherwise will charge a waste processing fee). Nails and staples are fine.

    Unacceptable pallet recycling materials

  2. Pallets need to be stacked neatly and safely, with the same or similar sized pallets in stacks 15 to 17 pallets high (no higher than 2.2m). Please remember we cart on flat top trucks for efficiencies to save you dollars but they must be safe. Please no small pallets at the bottom of bigger pallets….or lose bits that can fly off…

  3. As we pick up pallets on flat top trucks please advise us if you do not have a fork lift available. Hand loading for small quantities is possible but we need to know before hand.

  4. You will be issued a docket with the number of pallets collected and will be issued an invoice the following day.