EPA Licence

Environment Protection Licence

Direct Group Industries (trading as Direct Pallets & Recycling) Ingleburn facility has an Environmental Protection Licence issued by NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). A copy of this licence, and any notices associated with this licence, can be viewed on the EPA website here.

Resource Recovery Order

Direct Pallets & Recycling supply BioBedding and BioMulch produced from recycled clean timber pallets, crates and offcuts recovered from businesses throughout Sydney, Southern Highlands and Illawarra. This Biobedding and BioMulch is produced at our Ingleburn facility to industry specifications and also complies with The Direct Pallets mulch order 2018 issued by the NSW EPA.
Resource Recovery – The Direct BioMulch order 2018

Resource Recovery Exemption

NSW customers are advised that consumers of product made from recovered material such as wood and timber which is applied to land have to comply with environmental legislation to prevent unlawful disposal and pollution. A regulatory framework also exists that exempts customers of recovered materials from some environmental regulations under certain conditions.
Information is available on the NSW EPA website page

People who apply, or intend to apply, Direct Pallets Biobedding and BioMulch to land must comply with the specific obligations relating to the use of these products as detailed in The Direct Pallets mulch exemption 2018. For example, customers must ensure that spreading of BioBedding and BioMulch occurs “within a reasonable period of time”.


1. Direct Group Industries Pty Ltd (Direct) accepts no liability for any loss or damage to property, any economic or consequential losses, any injury or death of persons or animals in connection with, or arising from, the use of BioBedding or BioMulch.

2. The recipient of the supply has satisfied him/herself of the risks associated with the use of BioBedding or BioMulch and the need for adequate personal protection and controls and the suitability of the bedding or mulch supplied for the intended purpose.


BioBedding and BioMulch is a natural product made from recovered timber waste. Accordingly, Direct does not provide any guarantees that it is completely free of any seeds, organisms, metal or other contaminants.

As a natural, processed wood BioBedding and BioMulch may contain allergens and other micro-organisms which could contribute to skin irritations and respiratory conditions in some users.

The recipient of the supply accepts the terms of the disclaimer above.

The recipient has familiarised themselves with the specific requirements of the Direct Pallets mulch exemption 2018.