About Us

Direct Pallets is a proudly owned and operated Australian company.

With a focus on delivering our customers the best service possible we specialises in new and recycled pallets as well as crates and bearers. We have a wide variety of new and recycled pallets on offer including Australian Standards, Export, UK, Euro and US, as well as all new and recycled plastic sizes.

At Direct Pallets we work in tandem with ReDirect Recycling who specialise in wood waste recovery. We can offer a unique and cost effective wood recycling service that guarantees reduced landfill. Our wood recycling program is fully governed by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and is licensed to process 20,000 tonnes of wood waste per annum. Not only is reducing landfill a huge win for the environment, the EPA has established that with every tonne of recycled timber a massive 670 kilograms of carbon emissions is saved.

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