About Us

Welcome to Direct Pallets and Recycling®, and Direct BioBedding®, part of the Direct Group Industries Pty Ltd, a Borg company.

We are proudly 100% Australian owned and operated, with a continuous history in recycling going back three generations, long before recycling was “trendy”.

Today we handle in the vicinity of a million pallets a year.

The only fully integrated closed loop pallet provider and recycler in Australia, at Direct Pallets® we sell new, near new, and fully recycled pallets, and to complete the circle we also shred waste timber pallets, manufacturing our very own fully recycled animal bedding which we market as Direct BioBedding ®.

Direct BioBedding® is not only forest friendly, saving huge amounts of trees from being felled for the traditional shavings suppliers, but has also been found to be superior as a bedding product to many traditional animal bedding sources.

Many of our pallet clients receive new or recycled pallets from us, and then backload our trucks with pallets for recycling.

This makes great sense both time wise and environmentally. We also save our clients huge dollars compared to the ever increasing costs of big dump bins and land filling.

Our focus first and foremost is service delivery with the best product at the best possible price for our customers.

This fits in nicely with our specialisation in recycling, as many of the pallets we sell are near new or fully reconditioned, saving our clients money and saving the environment.

Any pallet company can supply a new pallet, but around 80% of the pallets we sell are recycled.

The Environmental Protection Authority has also found that with every tonne of pallets recycled a massive 670 kilograms of carbon dioxide emmission is saved.

So we, and our clients, certainly play a very active and real part in the environmental fight.

Our huge 10 000m2 site offers the following benefits:

  • Full government approval to recycle 20 000 tonne of waste timber pallets annually
  • Semi trailer length weighbridge, with electronic docketing and triple cameras
  • Full recording and reporting for our clients of volumes they have recycled
  • A concreted and clean yard, that is swept regularly with our own street sweeper
  • 3000 m2 of the 10 000m2 is under factory roof for better environmental control, including the pallet repair line, the shredding line, and also Direct BioBedding storage.
  • Friendly and efficient staff, utilising our vast array of big and small forklifts and large excavators (with grabs for waste pallet handling).
  • Our very own mega shredding, screening, dust extraction and recycling line which is capable of processing complete stacks of pallets, where even the nails are magnetically separated and fully recycled as scrap steel.

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So for pallet solutions or animal bedding, go direct and save, and call or email us today.