Our New Standard Pine Pallets are 1165mm×1165mm, rackable and pallet jackable

* Note, for all Brand new pallets we do require a minimum order quantity of 50 pallets.

Specs we have are as follows:

New Light – Medium Duty Standard Pallets
7 – Top Boards 100x19x1165mm
3 – Bottom Boards 100x19x1165mm

3 – Bearers 100x27mm

New Heavy Duty Standard Pallets
7 – Top Boards 100x25x1165mm
3 – Bottom Boards 100x25x1165mm

3 – Bearers 100x38mm

*If you require additional or less boards, please advise one of our friendly staff with your requirements, and we will get back to you with a custom quotation.

Available for delivery in the Sydney, Illawarra, Central Coast and Southern Highland regions.

We can also stencil your name and/or logo absolutely FREE if ordering a full truck load of either 280 or 352.

Brand New 19mm Pine Standards Stenciled in Dot Matrix

Dot Matrix Stenciling

New Timber Pallets