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Waste Pallet Recycling

Waste Pallets & Timber Recycling – “Clean and Green but Dollar Mean!”
Waste Pallet Removal & Pallet RecyclingTurn your waste pallets into environmentally friendly mulch.

We offer the most cost effective and environmentally friendly waste pallet recycling system. It is ideal for odd or out of size pallets that are unsuitable for recycling as re-usable pallets. We also offer a waste timber recycling service for clean non treated grades of timber.

Why have these pallets take up your valuable factory or yard space presenting a fire or vermin risk and looking just plain unsightly?

Unlike regular waste companies we do not landfill them. Instead these pallets are fully recycled as wood chip for garden mulch, animal bedding or playground soft-fall thus saving both money and the environment. Choose the carbon friendly and dollar friendly option!

Waste Pallet Recycling

Waste Pallet Recycling

We can provide documentation to certify the disposal of these pallets to satisfy any corporate environmental policies your company may have.

The cost? Cheap ! Often half the cost of the big waste bin companies…Only $3.50 per average sized pallet plus GST for 100 or more pallets removed. For removal of smaller quantities of pallets please call the office for a quote.

Why is it cheaper? Mainly because we utilise table top trucks to remove these pallets it is up to 3 times more efficient than using a dump bin (as they criss-cross and waste space in a bin!) thus saving your company $$$ as well as protecting the environment and saving further carbon emission and landfill. Savings are also made as tip fees at landfills and transfer stations can be double the mulching fee!

What do we need you to do?

Turning Waste Pallets Into Direct BioBedding For Animals

Turning Waste Pallets Into Direct BioBedding For Animals

* Stack your waste pallets soundly and safely for open truck transport

* Similar pallets stacked together please for stability

* Stacks 15-18 pallets high
* Remove all loose timbers or pallets that are falling apart and dangerous to cart
* Clean timber pallets only please – NO PLASTIC STRAP OR WRAP, NO STEEL STRAPPING,

* Remember these pallets are for shredding and must only be clean timber
* Nails within the pallets are okay as these are freed up during shredding and removed with magnets!

For our complete guidelines regarding our timber recycling, please view our Acceptable Materials Schedule , Waste Pallet Procedure and EPA-TDA Article documents.

Most importantly call us on 02 9605 8444 or email us by completing the form on the right and choose the dollar wise environmentally friendly option!

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