Direct BioAbsorbent – Eco Friendly Industrial Spill Absorbent

The best value spill absorbent is now available for purchase direct from the Aussie manufacturer.

Direct BioAbsorent is an all natural, eco-friendly, cellulose based, non-clay absorbent ideal for use in industrial and commercial environments.

It can be used as an Oil Absorbent, Drilling Sludge Absorbent, Coal Seam Gas Sludge Absorbent, Chemical Spill Absorbent and for many other liquid spills where a great value for money spill absorbent is required.

Direct BioAbsorbent has the following benefits and characteristics:
  • All natural, made primarily from fully recycled white softwood, saving new trees from the sawmill and thus helping the environment
  • Natural pine fresh scent
  • Cellulosic fibre
  • Non clay based
  • Available in our Premium Grade, or Fine Blend
  • Goes through a multiple shredding process which opens up the fibres for maximum absorption
  • Fast delivery and top service, day & night
  • Non seasonal – supply available all year round!

Bale Bag – Approx 10kg

Only $10.00 each plus GST

  • Bale size is approx 500mm x 400mm x 300mm
  • Weight is approx 10kg
  • Filled with our Premium Grade Direct BioBedding
  • Minimum buy is 10 Bags
  • If 40 or more bales are purchased at any one time – price is reduced to $7.00.00 each plus GST
Bale Bag – Approx 10kg

Bulk Pallet Buy – 10kg Bale Bag

Just $280.00 plus GST per pallet (and keep the pallet for free!)

  • 40 x 10kg (approx.) bales per 1400 x 1100 pallet
  • Free delivery to the Sydney metro area for 6 pallets or more (note that you will need a forklift or tractor fork)
  • For pallet lots under 8 add just $120+GST delivery.
Bulk Pallet Buy – 10kg Bale Bag

200kg Bulka Bag

Just $80.00 plus GST each

  • Each Bulka Bag is 1m3 in size, and weighs approx. 200kg
  • Free delivery to the Sydney metro area for 6 Bulka Bags or more (note that you will need a forklift or tractor fork)
200kg Bulka Bag