BioBedding Softfall - Safety surface for childrens play areas

BioBedding Softfall is your number one choice in a loose fill safety surface for children's play areas. Offering high absorption, it is low maintenance, and clean and easy to handle.

Our product is also free-draining, so that once the rain stops children can return to the play area without delay, unlike rubberised surfaces. It also fits with the ethos today of using recycled products wherever possible.

Top quality, Aussie made, and the best value for money.

BioBedding Softfall Features and benefits include:
  • High impact absorption
  • Greatly increases child's safety
  • Easy to spread at a minimum depth of 200mm (20cm)
  • Pine fresh scent
  • Low Maintenance
  • Available in bulk truck load*, bulker bag, or 70 litre bale bags
  • Great value
  • Free draining
  • Made from 100% recycled softwood
  • Made from seasoned, recycled soft wood fibres that knit together to form a stable, long-lasting surface, giving excellent absorption against impact. BioBedding Softfall is high quality, virtually maintenance free and conforms to the Australian Standard.

Our Compliance Certificate to AS/NZS 4685/2014 and Test Procedure documents can be viewed here: