Direct BioBedding - Arena Surface Topping

BioBedding Arena Surface Topping

The ideal surface topping for use in:

  • Horse Riding / Equestrian Arenas & Events
  • Cattle Arenas & Events
  • Livestock Arenas, Events, Exhibitions & Showgrounds.

Direct BioBedding Premium is soft and consistent underfoot (or should we say hoof!), non-abrasive and environmentally friendly.

Though soft, it is also both secure yet amazingly resilient. And what a great alternative to sands and other arena surfaces. It is fantastic too on turn-out areas, walkers, lunging areas, trails and more.

Critically, BioBedding is also fully certified as a softfall product, should a rider or animal have a fall. (View our BioBedding Softfall page)

BioBedding also remains friable, to reduce the impact and drag on limbs during exercising and training. Or on cattle in sales yards and the like.

Make BioBedding your choice for a low dust, highly stable, self draining, non muddy, easily manicured long-lasting surface, with a pine fresh scent to boot.

Unique and of the highest quality, BioBedding seasoned and recycled soft wood fibre system offers a consistently good footing for all equestrian disciplines and allows training to continue in all weathers and all seasons, indoors or out!

Available in bulk 40 cubic metre and 110-120 cubic metre truckloads*, and also in 70 litre approx. 20kg bales for topping up.