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New Plastic Oz Crate

Oz Crate Specifications
Type Collapsible bulk container
Size External: 1162 x 1162 x 785 mm ( +/ – 5mm)

Internal: 1082 x 1082 x 640 mm (+/- 5mm)

Weight 53 KG
Folded height 299 mm
Material Made from mixture of Virgin PP/HDPE
Volume capacity 750 L
Access drop gates 589 x 294 mm  ozcrate1
Fork access height 110 mm
Stacking recess 30 mm
Temperature -20°C to +40°C
Entry 4 Way Fork lift

2 Way Pallet Jack

Load Static 3000KG;   Dynamic 1000KG; Racking 500KG (beam only)
Racking locator recess 15 mm both sides
Other options Lids available (costs extra)

Removable covers to make it vented or non-vented (costs extra) Vent covers available in the following colours: Green, Blue, Cream & Yellow

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