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Direct BioMulch

Direct BioMulch

Direct BioMulch is a  golden coloured, miniature  pine wood chip that is 100% natural, eco friendly and  is now available for purchase direct from the Aussie manufacturer.

If you are a landscaper, a landscape architect, a garden designer or just a home gardener, Direct BioMulch is not just a premium designer mulch, but is also an extremely  cost effective alternative to traditional ground covers.

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Direct BioMulch has the following benefits and characteristics:

  • All natural, made primarily from fully recycled white softwood, saving new trees from the sawmill and thus helping the environment
Direct Bio Mulch

Direct BioMulch Mini Pine Chips – ranging mostly in approx size 3 to 8mm

  • True wood chip, not just bark that can blow around
  • Natural fresh pine scent
  • Easy to dig plants into due to its size
  • Great looking and long lasting
  • Virtually dust free
  • Reduces moisture loss from plants and soil
  • Great weed deterrent
  • Fast delivery and top service, day & night
  • Non seasonal – supply available all year round!
  • Available for purchase by the bag, bale, pallet or by the truck load

Be Smart ,Go Direct and $ave with Direct BioMulch.

22kg Bio-Absorbent Bale Bags

BioMulch Bale Bags

Bale Bag – Approx. 20kg

Only $11 each including gst – ex yard

  • Bale size is approx 60cm x40cm x 30cm
  • Weight is approx 20kg
  • Filled with our Premium Direct BioMulch Mini Wood Chip
200kg Bulker Bag

Just $88.00 each including gst (and keep the pallet free !)

  • Each Bulker Bag is 1m3 in size, and weighs approx. 200kg
  • Free delivery to the Sydney metro area for 6 Bulker Bags or more (note that you will need a forklift or tractor fork)

BioMulch Bulk Pallet Buy of 25 Bales

Bulk Pallet Buy

Just $275.00 per pallet including gst (and keep the pallet free !)

  • 25 x 20kg (Approx.)  Bales per pallet
  • Free delivery to the Sydney metro area for 6 pallets or more  (note that you will need a forklift or tractor fork)
  • For pallet lots under 6 add just $80+GST delivery.


Direct BioMulch – Bulk Deliveries

We deliver our premium grade BioMulch in bulk on a regular basis throughout Sydney in our purpose designed walking floor trucks in either 40 or 80 cubic metre loads. For bulk pricing please call 02 9605 8444.

40m3 BioMulch Delivery Truck

Our 40 m3, Walking Floor – Our Small “Direct BioMulch” Delivery Truck

75m3-BioMulch Delivery Truck

Our 80 m3 Walking Floor – Our Large Tri-Axle Semi “Direct BioMulch” Delivery Truck

For more information or to place an order, call 02 9605 8444 or email us by completing the form on the right.

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