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Direct BioBedding® – Bulk Deliveries

We supply premium purpose designed Direct BioBedding to chicken, duck, turkey, dairy and horse facilities in bulk everyday.

  • Our 40 m3, Low height (2.7m) Walking Floor - Our Small "Direct BioBedding" Delivery Truck

    Our 40 m3, Low height (2.7m) Walking Floor – Our Small “Direct BioBedding” Delivery Truck

    Delivered in bulk in our purpose designed walking floor trucks in 40 or 80 cubic metre loads

  • Our delivery trucks are only ever used for delivery of Direct BioBedding, never for used litter or mixed waste – and we guarantee it!
  • For your bio security every load comes with a signed Direct BioBedding guarantee as to the quality of the load and the cleanliness of our delivery trucks
    Our 75m3 Walking Floor Direct BioBedding Truck

    Our 80m3 Walking Floor Direct BioBedding Truck

  • Fast delivery and top service, day & night
  • Non seasonal – supply available all year round!
  • Developed in consultation with farmers and industry experts
  • Choose from Premium Blend, Premium Original, or Premium Fine. Most users nominate our Premium Blend to get the best of both worlds.

Get quacking and order now…. Direct BioBedding …top of the pecking order
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