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Carbon Calculator helps timber pallet recycling

Carbon Calculator helps timber pallet recycling

Costs of disposal of end-of-life wood pallets and packaging crates are a huge problem for many NSW businesses. It is estimated that there are 140,000 tonnes of waste wood pallets and crates sent to landfills in Sydney alone each year.

Stephen Mitchell, sustainability program manager with the Timber Development Association of NSW, has launched the online end-of-life wood pallets and packaging diversion calculator at Direct Pallets and Recycling, a new recycling centre at Ingleburn in Sydney’s south-west.

Direct Pallets and Recycling, a Sydney-based pallet supply, repair and reuse company, began producing poultry bedding from waste timber pallets, crates and clean timber off-cuts just last month. Rob James, owner of Direct Pallets and Recycling, said: “At this facility, businesses pay a recycling fee per tonne or per pallet that is around 75 per cent less than land filling. This is on top of reduced transport costs. I built this recycling plant in response both to a clear demand for disposal alternatives to landfill for waste wood and the need for poultry bedding by NSW poultry farmers.”

Mr Mitchell said: “The lower cost of recycling saves businesses money as well as being better for the environment. A whole range of recycling options is now available for waste wood, including reuse, mulching, and now animal bedding, and even recycling wood waste into new building products. Using our newly developed online carbon benefits calculator it is estimated that diverting one tonne of timber packaging from landfill results in 0.67 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent emission reduction.”

The development of the online calculator and markets for animal bedding for end-of life wood pallets and packaging has been supported by the NSW Government via the NSW Environment Protection Authority. The online calculator can be found at

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